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Homeowners Insurance

homeowners insurance

Your home is typically your biggest investment. Protecting your home and its contents from damage is the main purpose of homeowners insurance.  Sometimes referred to as hazard insurance, homeowners insurance provides protection against the perils that are included in the policy.  Some perils are excluded from coverage and include floods, earthquakes, termite damage and acts of war.  Homeowners policies typically have a deductible.  It’s important to understand what your homeowners insurance covers.

An additional protection that your homeowners insurance provides is coverage for accidents that occur in your home. In the event that someone becomes injured at your home the medical expenses portion of your homeowners policy would cover doctor or hospital expenses incurred as a result. If you are sued as a result of an accident, the personal liability coverage portion of the policy will address lawsuits brought against you.

If a fire or similar event damages your home and you have to leave so that the repairs can be made, your homeowners coverage will provide for expenses incurred such as hotel and meal costs.  You also may be able to claim expenses for debris clean-up and disposal of damaged property.  Your homeowners coverage can extend to other structures that may be on your property such as a storage shed or detached garage.  Coverage can also include damage to trees or shrubs.

Your agent will ask you questions about your property and its contents so that all areas will be covered.

The main areas of homeowners insurance coverage include:

-Other Structures
-Personal Property
-Loss of Use
-Personal Liability
-Medical Payments

Consult with your agent if you need additional coverage for high value items such as jewelry, antiques and collectibles as these would not be covered. In some cases you may need to have items appraised and added to schedule, or list of valuables to be added to your policy as an endorsement. Regardless of value it’s a good idea to have a listing of your home’s contents recorded in a home inventory.  Today there are easy to use cellphone apps that can assist you in completing a home inventory, often with an option to forward the information to your insurance carrier.

Consider the perils not covered by your standard homeowners policy and consider adding an insurance rider to provide additional protection.

Insurance Riders Include:

-Flood Insurance
-Earthquake Insurance

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