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General Liability Insurance

Virginia Contractor Insurance Business owners and comercial businesses need general liability insurance in some form to insure that their livelihoods are safeguarded. A lawsuit, arising out of a single accident, is something that without insurance coverage you might not be able to handle financially. This is where general liability insurance comes in. It’s a great way to protect yourself against risks that your business faces. You may have found that in order to secure a contract to do work for someone else you have been asked to provide proof that you carry general liability insurance.

General Liability coverage includes property damage, bodily injury, personal injury liability, and covers liability arising from advertising. It also offers automatic coverage for the most commonly requested additional insureds. Other coverage includes premises/operations liability, products/completed operations liability (covering independent contractors and contractual liability), employee benefits liability coverage and coverage for property in your care, custody and control. If this all sounds confusing it is to most people, but not your insurance agent. They can help guide you in the coverage you need, and explain what insurance terms mean to you. Insurance can be confusing, and the wrong time to find out you didn't know enough about it is when you have a claim. If you don't understand the basics of your current policies, then maybe you need to find a new agent.

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