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Posted on 11/16/2011, by Jeremy Edsall

You Had An Auto Accident, Now What?

You've had an auto accident, now what?

Accident Scene
Two women exchange insurance information after an auto accident.
Insurance Agent______________________________Phone#_______________________
Insurance Carrier_____________________________
Auto Policy #_________________________________
Insurance Claims Phone #______________________
Auto Claims
Inthe event of an accident:
1.    Report the accident to the police.
2.    Obtain information about the other people involved in the accident such as:
  1. Names, addresses, and phone numbers;
  2. Insurance company;
  3. Type of vehicle; and
  4. Auto and drivers license numbers.
  5. Take photos if possible.
3.    Have your vehicle towed to the nearest repair shop if the vehicle is not drivable. Do not authorize repairs until the claims adjuster gives you the authority to do so.
4.    Call your insurance agent to report the accident.
Inthe event of a windshield, vandalism, or theft loss:
1.    Report the vandalism loss or theft to the police.
2.    Call your insurance agent to report a loss.
After your insurance agent reports the claim to the insurance company, the claims adjuster will:
1.    Contact you to request details of the accident and repair estimates.
2.    Arrange for an appraiser to inspect the damages of vehicles that are not drivable or extensively damaged.
3.    Contact you for a settlement.
4.    Deal directly with the others involved in the accident.
You should not talk to others involved in the accident, but refer them to your claims adjuster.



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