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Posted on 07/27/2011, by Jeremy Edsall

Wi-Fi Weaknesses: You’re not browsing alone

Coffee shops, airports or hotel lobbies with free Wi-Fi may be convenient spots for shopping or conducting business online, but hackers find them convenient spots to obtain your private information, too.

If you conduct private online business in public, it’s smart to take the following precautions:

*   Keep your anti-virus software up-to-date

*   Use public Wi-Fi only with security encryption (look for “https” in the site’s Web address)

*   Ensure that your computer’s firewall  protection is on
Many people mistakenly make no effort to secure their Wi-Fi systems from hackers, and even the best current security procedures can be circumvented by thieves. For safety’s sake, experts advise that it’s best to avoid transmitting confidential information while on a Wi-Fi network.

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