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Posted on 10/24/2018, by Jeremy Edsall

Turkey Day Tops for Home Cooking, Fires

We all know someone who can't boil water and probably should stay out of the kitchen or at least away from the stove but some of these people still take on the task of holiday cooking at least once a year, Thanksgiving. Even for those with decent cooking skills, preparing a meal for a group of people can be challenging. It's no surprise then that during the holidays home cooking fires increase and Turkey day ranks number one.

In 2015 there were 1,760 cooking fires nationwide on Thanksgiving. Many of these incidents were related to unattended food going up in flames in an oven or on a stove. Experts suggest that cooking food should always be monitored closely. Never leave your home while food is still cooking, no matter how long it's going to take for that turkey to roast, even if you forgot to get cranberry sauce.

Other safety tips include keeping children away from the stove as well as hot foods and liquids. The steam and fluids from cooking or already prepared foods and hot beverages can cause severe burns. Place sharp objects like knives safely away when not in use, electric cords from dangling, and cookware handles out of reach of children. Never leave children unattended in the kitchen or with lit candles or matches.

Decide if you're up to the challenge of cooking such a large meal. If you're routinely guilty of setting off the smoke alarm, which should be in good working order, everytime you cook, then maybe you should consider making reservations, buying premade foods, or getting expert help in the kitchen.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

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