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Posted on 06/01/2017, by Jeremy Edsall

Time to Consider Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance Virginia Beach

In case you didn't notice last year was a bad year for flooding in Hampton Roads. The hurricane season of 2016 produced torrential rain and flash floods as the result of the remnants of a tropical storm and the effects of Hurricane Matthew. Countless vehicles and thousands of homes sustained damage as the result of flooding. 

Nationally, storms producing significant rain are increasing.  Over the last three to five decades heavy rainfall events have steadily increased, as have the amounts of rain falling during these storms.  Storms categorized as very heavy precipitation events have climbed since 1991.

Three areas of the country, the Northeast, Midwest, and the upper Great Plains have seen the greatest increase in storms.
The incidence of storms with the potential to cause flooding has risen to 30% above the average of storms from 1901-1960.
As a result, the Midwest and Northeast have experienced an increase in flooding events.

The lesson to be learned is that these types of storms do not appear to be going away, so you need to be prepared to deal with them and the damage they may bring.  Too many people learned the painful lesson after last year's storms that their homeowner's or renters insurance wouldn't cover the costs of flood damage.

If you haven't considered flood insurance, now may be the time to do so.  Areas that never experienced flooding on the level we saw last year became inundated with flood waters.  Flooding isn't just a potential problem, with many portions of Hampton Roads at or below sea level experts believe that it's only a matter of time until they are permanently under water.

Contact our office about obtaining a flood policy under the National Flood Insurance Program. 

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