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Posted on 07/27/2011, by Jeremy Edsall

Summer Travel Means Summer Vehicle Maintenance

You’ve got sights to see! Don’t let a vehicle breakdown or accident put a damper on your summer vacation with the following tips:

*   Cooling System - The greatest cause of summer breakdowns is overheating. The level, condition, and concentration of the coolant should be checked before you set out. Also, have the condition of your drive belts, clamps and hoses checked by a pro too.

*   Tires - Check tire pressures and inflate pressure accordingly -- an added bonus is better gas mileage! Also, examine tires for tread life, uneven wearing or nicks and repair as needed. Don't forget to check your spare, and be sure your jack is in good working order.

*   Windshield Wipers & Lights - A dirty windshield causes eye fatigue, which can consequently pose a safety hazard. Replace worn blades and top off the windshield washer solvent. Inspect all lights and replace burned out bulbs; periodically clean dirt and insects from all lenses along the way.

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