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Posted on 07/31/2013, by Jeremy Edsall

Great Explanation of Voluntary Benefits

I found this great video illustration of voluntary benefits and wanted to share it with you. Here at Friedman Associates we offer voluntary benefits as part of our employee benefits program for our commercial insurance clients.  We feel that voluntary benefits are a great way to offer your employees that added assurance that they have protection from unexpected accidents, illnesses and disabling injuries, and can even offer families peace of mind with financial protection in the form or life insurance. 

We all think we are invincible but the fact is your chances of experiencing something as challenging as a critical illness or disabiling accident are greater than you think. Think about where you work. Has anyone you work with been injured, become seroiusly ill, or been diagonised with cancer or had a stroke?  We certainly hope that no one has had to experience any of these things, but chances are someone probably has.  Voluntary benefits can provide real peace of mind when the unexpected happens to you.



Do you fear Mondays because you have higher worker's comp claims?

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