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Posted on 09/05/2012, by Jeremy Edsall

Free Construction Safety Training Offered

OSHA Construction Industry Safety Course


We know contractors and builders, like any other business owner, welcome ways to save money and be more profitable.  We’ve got a great way you can save on safety training costs, which in turn will help make your business safer and could possibly prevent a costly workers’ compensation claim.   We are again offering our OSHA Construction Industry Safety Course to those in the building trades throughout Hampton Roads, Virginia.

I recently received a brochure in the mail from a national training company offering a one day “OSHA Compliance” class for $179. For your tuition cost you get one day of training, about 6 hours total, along with a course workbook.  This course doesn’t qualify for an OSHA certification and won’t get you an OSHA 10-Hour certification card. It only qualifies for 6 CPE credits, which if you are bidding for municipal or government contracts isn’t what they are looking for.

The class covers the basics of OSHA requirements for 2013, including what inspectors look for on a job site, what records need to be kept, and what to do if you are cited by OSHA for a violation.  This same information is included in the Construction Industry Safety Course we offer for free in our office over a two day period.  The class we hold at our office is an approved OSHA certification course; it will earn you an OSHA 10-hour certification card, and course completion certificate.

Course materials included are a course workbook and the 29 CFR 1926 OSHA – Construction Industry Regulations Manual, a $53. value.  This manual is the comprehensive reference for all OSHA regulations.  It includes the required forms, such as the OSHA 300 form and Sharps injury log, mandatory posting information, safety and health management guidelines, and most common standards cited for construction.  You and your employees will be well informed on OSHA standards by taking this class and by having this great reference manual to refer to.

29 CFR 1926 OSHA Construction Industry Regulations

We offer this OSHA approved class for free several times a year, as well as a more comprehensive 30 hour class at least once a year. You’ll save over $200 by attending our free OSHA class, but better yet you may bring as many as 3 employees to the class, saving your company over $600., by taking our free class over the national training class.

Don’t miss this opportunity to receive valuable free safety training and information.  Help develop your employees into more knowledgeable and safety conscious workers. Having well trained, safety conscious employees can help reduce your workers’ compensation costs and prevent costly claims, and may prevent a serious injury or even the death of a worker. 

Check our events page for the dates of the next course and use the on-line form to sign up.

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