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Posted on 09/20/2013, by Jeremy Edsall

Emergency Preparedness Month

Unfortunately just recently on September 16, 2013 there was another shooting which took the lives of 12 and injured at least eight others.  September is National Emergency Preparedness Month, a time to look at your emergency and disaster planning to ensure that if an incident occurs, like a workplace shooting, you'll know how to respond to the most number of people can escape harm.  A few simple planning steps, like establishing emergency codes, and numbering offices will help first responders do their job as efficiently as possible, and help in saving lives in the process.

As the video states, most of us will never encounter the situation of a workplace shooting, but taking the preventative steps in the video will be useful for other situations as well, including medical emergencies and fires.

Additional Videos

Active Shooter Video - AFIMAC Global

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