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Posted on 11/16/2011, by Jeremy Edsall

Effective Use of GPS Determines Its Risk Control Benefit

Technology is only as good as how it is used and interpreted

I spoke with a woman the other day about using her company’s GPS system to reduce their fuel costs and increase driver safety.  She explained that she no longer had the GPS feeling it was too expensive and they had gotten rid of it, she added that “no one usedit anyway”.   I was surprised by her response.
 A GPS system is a great way to effectively monitor what your drivers are doing out on the road, and how they may be spending their time. They might be stopped for an extended period of time when they should be driving, then might be speeding later to make up for lost time.  This costs your business in lost productivity and increased use of fuel.
With any piece of technology you have to interpret the data that it provides, and then follow up with enforcement if procedures are not being followed.  It would be similar to someone installing a surveillance system and then never looking at the video collected, then complaining that they cannot control theft in their business.  GPS systems provide excellent data and give you information on vehicle location, speeding, idling,and can assist with time keeping and vehicle maintenance issues.
There is a new program available for use with many of the most popular GPS systems that allows for additional information to be gathered including braking, cornering, and information about weather conditions and traffic flow.  This new program allows you to examine each driver individually assigning a score for each of them based on safe driving and the vehicles fuel usage.  This score is an assessment of how often adriver exhibits risky driving behavior and can be expressed in second by second details.
As a business owner you will receive daily e-mails when risky driving events have occurred like extreme speeding, braking and cornering.  You’ll have a complete picture of your fleet, driver by driver to see how each one compares to the next.  This information can be invaluable in coaching drivers to improve their driving habits which, in turn, will help reduce fuel costs and vehicle maintenance.
I jokingly told the woman I spoke to that if her drivers weren’t using their GPS units then to fire them, but to be serious why would someone not use their GPS, unless they had something to hide?  Right now our agency can offer you the added benefits of this new GPS program, installed on qualifying systems at no additional cost to you.  As an added benefit, this new program which will appear a new screen on your system can help lower your insurance costs as well.*
So if you’ve made the investment in a GPS system for your fleet and would like to try this new program with our compliments, contact us today.

I am interested in receiving additional information on how I can gain additional benefits from my existing GPS  System to further reduce fuel costs and increase driver safety.

*Insurance discounts are available through Liberty Mutual Insurance Company and its affiliates. Eligibility is subject to meeting applicable underwriting criteria. Some business classes are ineligible for coverage. Insurance discounts may vary based on applicable safety score and other underwriting criteria, and are subject to additional rules on file in states where available.  Offer only open to residents of Virginia, by our agency, at this time.

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