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Posted on 04/25/2016, by Jeremy Edsall

Does Your Data Security Plan Cover Your Copier?

Office Copy machines can pose a data breach threat

Your office copier functions much like another computer in your office. These office machines contain hard drives that store information just like the computers in the office do. Not all copiers store information, but it you have a digital copy machine that is capable of scanning, faxing, e-mail documents then it has to have a hard drive to store information. The information found on the hard drive can extracted by hacking with remote access or taken from the drive once it has been removed.

If you'd like more information on securing the data found on your copy machine we have available a free resource, 'Copier Data Security: A Guide for Business', an informative pamphlet published by the Federal Trade Commission. If you'd like a copy please contact or stop by the office during regular business hours.

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