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Posted on 08/23/2011, by Jeremy Edsall

Being Prepared At Work - EMERGENCY SUPPLIES

If employees may be confined for several hours, or even days, consider stocking the following items at your place of business:

1. Flashlight and extra batteries
2. Battery-powered radio
3. Ready-to-eat canned foods, fruits and vegetables. Also energy foods, such as granola bars. Select foods that do not require refrigeration, cooking or preparation.
4. Water stored in plastic containers
5. Urge employees to keep a three-day supply of their medications on-hand as well as pain relievers and stomach remedies.
6. Urge employees to bring in a blanket.
7. Paper plates, cups and utensils
8. Manual can opener
9. Urge employees to keep an extra pair of reading glasses at work.

First-aid supplies:
o    Adhesive bandages
o    Sterile dressing
o    Roller gauze bandages
o    Triangular bandages
o    Gauze pads
o    Germicidal hand wipes and alcohol-based sanitizer
o    Non-latex gloves
o    Adhesive tape
o    Cold packs
o    Scissors
o    Tweezers
o    CPR face shield


• Bolt tall bookcases and displays to the wall studs.
• Secure breakable items in a stand using hook-and-loop fasteners.
• Place large objects on low shelving.
• Install latches on drawers to prevent them from flying open.
• Secure pictures and mirrors to the wall with closed screw eyes and wire.
• Secure your water heater to the wall studs with plumber’s tape or strap iron.
• Install flexible connectors to appliances using natural gas and automatic fire sprinklers.


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