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Posted on 07/07/2011, by Jeremy Edsall

Answers: Wet Weather Safety Quiz

Answer Key: Wet Weather Safety Quiz

1.     Name one type of personal protective equipment that can help prevent slip and falls on wet surfaces? Shoes or boots with non-skid or slip resistant soles
2.     Hurrying in the rain to prevent product inventory and materials from getting wet is a good idea.  Answer: False.
3.     Name two situations that should be clearly marked with hazard/caution signs when wet working conditions exist: Standing water, spills, doorways, electrical equipment
4.     Besides weather conditions, what is another situation that can lead to a slippery or unsafe work surface?  Spills
5.     To prevent standing water and speed drying, drains should be checked for debris and clogs at the beginning of the rainy season and during heavy storms.
6.     What are some specific things that management and you as an employee can do to prevent accidents from happening? Various. Meeting leader should prepare some suggestions ahead of time to help with the discussion.
7.     Answers and topics could be various. Discuss with the group:  Your specific work areas and equipment that are likely to become dangerous in wet weather.

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