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Posted on 03/26/2020, by Jeremy Edsall

Anthem Special Enrollment Period


Special Enrollment Period through April 3 for some employees to get benefits

Anthem opened a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) from now until April 3, 2020 to make benefits available to employees in Fully Insured Small and Large Groups who previously waived participation in employer-sponsored plans. Anthem Balanced Funding plans are included in the SEP. State eligibility guidelines will apply.

This SEP is in response to COVID-19. It's another way Anthem is helping people get the care they need.

Who's eligible?
Employees who were eligible for benefits during employers' Open Enrollment are eligible for this SEP if they had previously waived coverage.

How it works
Employers will follow the standard process of sending updated enrollments to Anthem, just as they would for any qualifying event or enrollment period, through their elected format of 834s, the EmployerAccess portal, or other approved methods.

What about ASO groups?
ASO groups decide whether they'll offer the SEP.

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